César Nieto 100% Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham, with the added guarantee of the Guijuelo D.O. seal.

Its characteristic color ranges from very dark purple to pink, with a significant amount of external fat.

The important amount of oleic acid in its fat makes it smooth and light, in turn “melting” in mouth. And it quickly transports its intense flavour and pleasant aromas to the palate. This organoleptic richness is fruit of the 100% Ibérico genetics, its extended curing period, which surpasses 48 months, and the natural diet of the pigs, which is based on acorns.

Curing period

+ 48 months


Denomination of Origin Guijuelo


7/8 kg

Nutritional values (for 100 gr)

Proteins 55,56 g
Fats 30,88 g
Carbohydrates 0,8 g
Energy 503,86 kcal